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Out Where the Brolgas Dance

Powter, Sara


Wills story
How can one simple question change so many people?
It’s the 1840s and discoveries across the Blue Mountains continue. Major Mitchell's new road is complete, towns are planned and being built. Abundant land is available for those who want it.
William “Wills” Lockley, 18, has laid a solid foundation for a respectable career as a blacksmith, but the Lockley lust for adventure flows deeply within his veins. He dreads the monotony of work at the blacksmith's forge and yearns for adventure in a new frontier.
Wills meets six Englishmen who have the means to make his dreams come true. What they discover change the Colony and their lives forever. Gold fever ensues.
Now on the road West, Wills has to deal with an uncertain romance. Does she even want him?

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