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Red Fury Rage

Ridgley, JF


Story of a father's love...but which father?
Truth hurts. G.Julius Agricola cannot alter the past that trained him to become a senator. As expected, Julius married Domitia, regardless of where hte was in his right mind when he did. No matter how his rage attempts to deny his past, he is now a father and responsible for the lives of his children. By the gods, Julius wants to defy this entrapment. Each day, his rage tightenes its tentacles around him. Maybe, just maybe he can exploit Rome's political corruptions and finally return to Britannia to kill the man who kidnapped his son.
Truth hurts. How can Calgacus accept the truth that the Roman is Colin's real father? Colin is different from the other children of the Caledonii tribes. Each day, those facts are shoved in his face. Will Calgacus' rage destroy them all?

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