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Ride with the Moonlight

Matthews, Andrea


After rescuing sixteenth century border reiver Will Foster from certain death at the hands of her family, time traveler Maggie Armstrong finally admits her love for the handsome Englishman, though she can't rid herself of the sinking suspicion that her Scottish kin are not about to let them live in peace. What she doesn't expect is the danger that lurks on Will's own side of the Border. When news of their plans to marry reaches the Warden, he charges Will with March treason for trysting with a Scot and sentences him to be hanged. In the meantime, Maggie is returned to Scotland, where her kin continue to make preparations for her betrothal to Ian Rutherford. Determined to keep either event from taking place, Will's family initiates a daring plan, but will it be in time to save Will's life and reunite the lovers? Or will Ian's lies prompt Maggie's family to ensure the bond between them is forever severed?

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