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The Nightmare Kingdom

Bauer, Rob


Sofie Gresbeck wants what any German girl of the 16th century wants, to find love and raise a large family. She never dreamed she would have to prevent the Second Coming of Christ.
In 1534, the heart of the Protestant Reformation, the Prophet leads a revolution in Sofie’s hometown of Münster. Proclaiming his power to turn stone to bread, he transforms Münster into the New Jerusalem to prepare the way for Christ’s return. The people of Münster, Sofie included, must take up the sword and exterminate the ungodly before the nightfall of the world brings time to an end.
When forced marriage of God’s Elect becomes the law, Sofie must choose between the man she loves and a lifetime with one of the Prophet’s lackeys, whom she loathes. But if she chooses love, Sofie forfeits her ability to protect her younger sister Hilde when Hilde unwillingly becomes one of the Prophet’s fifteen wives.
At the same time, the Holy Roman Emperor’s army besieges Münster, ordered to annihilate the city for its rebellion. When the Fire of the Lord promised by the Prophet fails to rain from the sky, Sofie realizes that saving her family requires saving the city of Münster, too.

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