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The Unseen

Silvers, Laury


It’s easier to solve a crime than solve yourself

Baghdad, 295 Hijri (908 CE)

When a young man is found dead, killed in the exact manner as a martyr slain on the fields of Karbala some two hundred years before, there is no mistaking it as anything other than an attack on the Shia community of Baghdad. The city is on edge as religious and political factions are exposed sending the caliph’s army into the streets. Investigators, Ammar and Tein, have to clear the case, one way or another, before violence erupts. But amateur sleuth, Zaytuna, has had a visionary dream of the murder that holds the key to solving the murder. Can she read its signs? And will Tein and Ammar listen?

“Completely engrossing and richly atmospheric. Tenth century Baghdad comes alive through the eyes of a dazzling cast of characters.”
— Ausma Zehanat Khan, acclaimed author of The Getty-Khattak Mysteries

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