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To Challenge Destiny

Martin, Celia


Escaping England after the Royalist defeat at Worcester in 1651, Adler Hayward and his friend Latimer Draye join the Fortier family bound for New Netherland. Heartbroken at leaving his home and family, Adler finds solace in the eyes of Glynneth Fortier, the wife of Etienne Fortier, who suffers from consumption. Though Adler loves Glynneth more than life itself, he is devoted to her husband, and he and Draye are protective of the Fortier family. To earn their living, Adler and Draye become woodsmen, trading with the Mohawks and sharing several near death adventures.

As they settle into their lives in New Netherland, Adler and Glynneth cannot help but wonder what destiny awaits them in their strange and challenging new world.

Endorsement by Curt Locklear, winner of the National Laramie Award 2019.
"If you yearn for a story skillfully told - if you like characters who find a home in your heart - if you enjoy historical accuracy blended with robust action, don't miss this book.

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