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Murder and Intrique in the Scottish Highlands

Heart of the Highlands: The Raven

April Holthaus

Forced to wed a ruthless English Lord, Adelyn Scott welcomed death over marriage, but had no idea her wish would come true until she discovered her husband’s body lying dead in his chamber on the night of their wedding.
As commander for the king’s personal guard, Eamon MacLeish’s loyalty has never been questioned. Until the day a mysterious woman arrived seeking an asylum and stole his heart.
As Adelyn and Eamon piece together clues surrounding her husband’s murder, Eamon must choose between his loyalty or his heart. For one path would ultimately lead to her death, and the other path leads to his.*

Book Excerpt or Article

Chapter 1

October 1529
Edinburgh, Scotland

A plume of hot breath escaped Adelyn Scott’s lips. Please God, dinna let ‘em find me.
Holding the reins in a white-knuckled grip, she braced herself atop the speeding horse. The sound of hooves stamping the ground echoed in the night like a brewing storm. She didn’t know how far she had come or how much farther she would go, but she would ride her horse into the ground if necessary.
The farther she traveled the pitted terrain, the more the jutted rocks and uneven ground rose before her like judge and jury. Even the weather held its conviction. Adelyn raced northward using only the constellations as her guide toward refuge from the bitter cold, although she had more to fear than mere frostbite.
The cloak of darkness slowly lifted as the horizon changed from a star-pitted sky to hues of pink and orange.
As the horse reached the highest peak, the towers of a castle came into view. The dying light of the torches atop the ramparts illuminated the curtain wall that spread across the mountainside like majestic wings. Perched high on the hill, she felt as vulnerable as a field mouse under the watchful eye of a hawk.
This was not a mere homestead of some neighboring clan. She recognized this place. Edinburgh Castle. She had been there once before, though it had been many years since she last set eyes on it. This was home to the James, the Scottish King. The only man who could save her.

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April is an Award-Winning Author for her Scottish Historical Romances. For more than a decade, she has worked full time in the direct marketing and printing business, but developed a passion of historical romances through her love of reading, history and genealogy. When she is not working or writing, April loves to spend time with her son and traveling.

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