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A Most Relevant Book for Our Time

Murder in Moscow

Frank Daley

It doesn’t start with invading a country. It starts with breaking the law to make a political point and terrorize people. Murder in Moscow is the start of what we’re seeing now...

Nordalak, a small town in the Russian boondocks in 1958. . .
Murder in Moscow: The Oblast Court Trial is a preamble to Odesa except only one man faces death. Same premise, same result..

Rockets, bombs, fires, and bullets in Kiev. Result: death and destruction. Police, prosecutor judge, and state vs a peasant handyman. Result? a man charged with murder for protecting his orchard.

Murder in Moscow…when the state decides to break (or make) the laws.A man is charged with murder from “base motives” and with “evil intent.” Those are moral terms. not legal ones. What the hell is going on? Prosecutor, judge, and state are against him. He’s got one chance but it's a Hail Mary.

Book Excerpt or Article

“Fabulous and enthralling from start to finish! (International Review of Books)
“Great writing! A really great story wonderfully put together. Intense! (J. Langstaff)
“Will leave you shocked and chilled by the verdict! A growing horror. (REM)
“I think this book is great. I’ll never forget it. (Marin Osipova, Russian expert)
“The trial leads to some astounding results!” (Tony Aspler)
“Wow, what a great read!” (Pamela Allegretto)

I'm supposed to be preparing for meetings tomorrow, but I made the mistake of starting to read your novella. It was like eating potato chips on an empty stomach. I couldn't stop reading until I finished. Beautifully written (which I would expect), suspenseful, but also informative. It all ties together at the end as a commentary on Russian culture. Thanks for writing this.
Mike Mallory
Brilliantly represents the main tone of the trial and the Soviet court system at that time.

All the best with your story, which I consider great.
THE STORY IS GREAT! Marina Osipova

Thank you for visiting!
Dee Marley

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My name is Frank Daley.

Non-fiction: My expertise is in self-knowledge (self-development). I have several books on Amazon getting 4/5-star reviews. More coming.

Fiction: Murder in Moscow: The Oblast Court Trial, is based on a real case in Russia in 1958.
My short story, Curse of the Ottawa, is a paranormal revenge historical. Getting excellent reviews (sent to me). (Game of Thrones married to The Twilight Zone!)

A historical adventure novel set in 1660 during the French/Indian wars is coming.
It’s Barricade: The Battle of the Long Sault. (Think the Canadian Alamo.)

I’m married, have two children with children, and a small Golden Doodle named Gracie.
She looks more like a poodle but knows she’s a retriever.

I live in Waterloo, in southern Ontario, Canada.

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