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To Challenge Destiny

Romance and Survival in New Netherland

Celia Martin

.What awaits Adler Hayward in the Dutch colony of New Netherland? What hardships must he endure to survive? And what of his friends and the woman he loves, will they survive? Check out this endorsement by Curt Locklear.
“If you yearn for a story skillfully told – if you like characters who find a home in your heart – if you enjoy historical accuracy blended masterfully into a story with robust action and enthralling, heart-wrenching romance, then To Challenge Destiny is your new favorite book. Being a historian myself, I cannot help but carefully monitor historical works for accurate details, and I am delighted with To Challenge Destiny. The attention to the accurate portrayal of seventeenth-century America and the customs of a variety of new-to-America Europeans; the topography of the new colonies; the exactness of the procedures for operating seagoing vessels; and even the plethora of languages and accents, add to the authenticity of the tale. The characters feel so real, it is as though you can reach out and touch them. The main hero and heroine, with their passions constrained by duty and honor, yearn for each other, but cannot unbind the knots of their lives with which destiny has bound them. Only when fate changes course is their love allowed to burst forth in exquisitely portrayed, intense scenes of passion. In amazing action sequences: the battles, the escapes, the weather, and, especially, the horrendous villains all play havoc on the characters. Who will survive? Will love triumph? You will thrill. You will cry. You will love To Challenge Destiny, your new favorite book. To Challenge Destiny is Masterful story-telling! Exquisite passion and breath-taking action! A historical romance feast!”
Curt Locklear, Award-winning Author, Editor, and Presenter. Winner of the National Laramie Award. Invited speaker at the 2019 National Historical Novel Society Conference

Book Excerpt or Article

Now she was frightened, and she tightened her grip on her
son’s hand. A noise to the rear startled her. In concentrating on the man in
front of her, she had not noticed the second man had slipped up behind her. She
turned to see what he was doing. At that moment the man in front grabbed Noel.
His movement was so sudden, so unexpected, she stumbled forward as he pulled
her son from her. Noel yelped as his little arm was jerked from her grasp, then
before her horrified eyes the man tossed Noel out into the river. Reaching out
in terror, she screeched. Her only thought was to get to her son, but as she
took a step forward, the same man swung his fist and hit her in the jaw. She
staggered backwards into the arms of the second man.

Dazed by the blow, her vision blurred, she thought she saw
her son’s head pop up above the water. An indistinct form flew through the air
and splashed down near him. Lady Ann’s little head could barely be seen above
the water, then dog and boy were swept away by the current. Struggling in the
man’s arms, she heard Meara screaming, “Mother, Mother.”

Her eyes sought her daughter. “Run, Meara, run home,” she

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Celia Martin is a retired history teacher, but her love of history dates back to her days as a child when she sat fascinated by the stories told by her aunts and grandmother. Having found a history on England in the library when she was in middle school, she devoured it a formed a love for English history. She also has a deep love for Colonial and early American history which she was fortunate to teach in middle school in CA. She cannot keep up with the stories that abound in her head, and she loves to share those stories in the books she writes. At present she has nine books. They are adventure romances, some with mysteries, and all with multiple fun characters. She lives with her husband in CA, and hopes to continue writing stories for years to come.

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