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Book Marketing for Authors
Made Simple

We've pared down our marketing plans to the ones that are working the best for authors.
Now, marketing is even simpler!
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The Coffee Pot Book Club offers the most sensational book blog tours for historical fiction.

Choose your package and get your book exposed to bloggers and readers across social media.

Mary Anne and Ellie Yarde are simply the best blog tour team around!

Image by Alice Alinari


One month of Twitter and Instagram posts, posting in the #bookstagram, #bookTwitter, and #readerscommunity twice a week for four weeks with a beautifully designed custom 10 second animated banner for you.



See example to the right -------->

Image by Birmingham Museums Trust


Custom designed 1 minute book trailer ad for both YouTube and Tiktok, plus downloadable for you to share. No worries about copyright claims!

Posted to YouTube & TikTok onee a week for 1 month.

Image by Europeana


Six months of advertising - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest bi-weekly posts, plus banner ad on site.

One downloadable static ad and one downloadable animated ad (10 seconds).

One shout-out a month in the HFC newsletter.

**DISCLAIMER: The Historical Fiction Company does not guarantee reviews or customer purchases on any marketing plans purchased. We can guarantee your book will be seen and we will do our best to promote your book across all available social media platforms, and utilizing the best marketing techniques available; however, purchases and reviews are at the discretion of the public and readers. The old marketing adage is: "BE SEEN SEVEN TIMES, and the public will remember you, and more likely than not, will buy your product!"

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