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The Process

The world of publishing is changing for authors,

opening the door to quality fiction like never before in history.


Our mission, and because we are passionate about historical fiction, is to offer an alternative platform in this ever-changing world.


This is an investment in YOU, in your novel, and your dreams. While you invest up front, you retain 100% of the profits on all sales, plus all your rights, and all the creative control. We are here to support that dream

with our expertise in the field of publishing.

We are not a self-publishing platform, since most of those (like KDP) allow anything to be published regardless of the quality. We use the time-honored tradition of vetting manuscripts to ensure readers receive a worthy story, and you receive the praise for your efforts as an author.

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Submit the first 50 pages of your manuscript, along with a short synopsis (not to exceed 2-3 paragraphs), and a query letter.


Two-tier Vetting Process

Tier 1 of the submissions process will place you on one of two tracks—our Publishing Track or Coaching Track. Submissions placed on the Publishing Track proceed to Tier 2, which involves a second assessment that determines publish-readiness.

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All authors publishing with Historium Press will have their final manuscript proofread before going forward to the next phase.



This includes the following: custom design of your cover and manuscript formatting, as well as preparing your book for the printer.

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Distribution of your book across all platforms using distribution services.



Your book is now for sale in print and online!

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Submit Your Manuscript

At Historium Press, our submissions process is more than just 'click, buy, and publish'. The two-tiered submissions process gives you the opportunity to get feedback from reviewers who are in the business, as well as our internal editorial staff, which gets your project ready for publication. If it already is, we’ll notify you of the 'go ahead'. If it needs a bit more work, you’re going to find out why and what to do about it.

Assessing Your Manuscript

The goal of the two-tier proces is to assess your project and its readiness for publication. If we determine your manuscript is ready, we’ll give you the green light. If it needs a bit more work, we will let you know why and what to do about it with expert suggestions.
Every manuscript submitted is vetted through this two-tiered process. Once you submit your first 50 pages, we will evaluate several elements of your manuscript geared towards the historical fiction genre. Within 4-6 weeks, you will receive an assessment from our team, letting you know whether or not you’re moving forward, along with a detailed explanation of our decision. If you are moving forward, congratulations! If you’re not moving forward, we include suggestions for you which allow us to help you reach your goal of publication.

Tier One

Your submitted manuscript will be screened and moved to either 'publish-ready' or 'needs coaching'. See more below.


Submitted manuscripts we deem ready are moved forward to the second tier of our process (see below). This means it may take another four weeks before we let authors know whether we’ll be offering a contract.


There are many reasons a manuscript might not be ready for publication, including but not limited to: developmental editing, line editing, or bulky manuscripts in need of word paring (manuscripts should be between 40K-100K words) Our caveat is this: we do publish larger books since this is historical fiction, but as a rule we stick to 100,000).
If we suggest more coaching, we invite you to check out our a la carte services to bring your manuscript to the quality we require at Historium Press. Our evaluation will detail the items we feel is needed; and, as always, we will be with you every step of the way.

Tier Two


This track is for those authors whose manuscripts fit the quality standard for publication. Our evaluation will notify authors of our impressions of the manuscript and the next level of editorial work needed to move forward. 
All manuscripts get a proofread as part of our Royal Package. If you need copy or line editing as part of our suggestions, you may use our a la carte editing services or your own. Our copyediting rates start at $55/hour and we have an incredible team of recommended professional editors that we use here at Historium Press.

Yellow Means Maybe

This track means we are interested in your manuscript, but we may have some items which need addressing before moving forward. Again, our detailed evaluation will outline these items.

Means Stop

Submissions that land on this track were carefully considered, but we ultimately determined the work needed more than a copyedit, or that the manuscript did not fall within what we consider historical fiction. If you receive this notice, we will suggest the a la carte items you might need to consider to bring your manuscript to the level needed for our publication requirements.



All approved authors publishing with the Royal Package will have their final manuscript proofread before going to layout. This is to catch stylistic errors, typos and grammatical errors. Your manuscript will be reviewed by both a proofreader and your Editor to ensure the best quality. As a hybrid press, we still maintain the same standards upheld by traditional publishers, thus presenting an error-free book to readers.
(Keep in mind: some do slip by, but not often.)